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@thetravelpro Our e-book is out! @micksalas and I have been working hard on this for the last few months, so we’re very excited to be able to finally share this with you! The Traveler’s Playbook gives you insight on how we started traveling full-time, how to grow your audience despite the changes in the algorithm, how to build your online brand, our blueprint on how to approach brands and get sponsorships, photography tips and what equipment we use, how digital nomads start their own online business with affiliate marketing and drop shipping using social media, and many more! The Traveler’s Playbook also comes with a limited offer FREE ebook on how to earn side income income using affiliate marketing. Click the link in my bio to get your copy!

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@thetravelpro Motovun sunrises were pretty magical with the fog still covering the hills and vineyards. Take me back to Istria! @shareistria #ShareIstria #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro It’s been 5 years since I started @theglobewanderer, a passion project born out of my love for travel and photography. Since then I’ve been able to grow several other pages on Instagram and facebook which have allowed me to turn traveling into a full-time gig. It wasn’t always an easy road - from almost getting my page hacked when it was only 2 months old to adjusting to the changing algorithm, and learning to land deals and campaigns with brands and destinations I’ve always wanted to work with - it has been a long journey rife with challenges, but it’s also been very rewarding. Since starting this I’ve been able to visit over 60 countries, all while working remotely. One of the most common questions I get asked by my followers on my DMs is how I’m able to sustain this lifestyle of traveling full-time, and how they can do the same. I’ve always wanted to address this and explain it to everyone in more detail but never really got around to it - until now. I’m very excited to announce I’m collaborating with @micksalas, who’s also been traveling full-time for the last 2 years and now is coaching individuals on digital marketing and jumpstarting their online business. We’re launching an e-book called “The Traveler’s Playbook” (swipe left for a sneak peek) filled with insider tips covering everything we’ve learned over the last few years - how to travel the world with social media, work with brands and get sponsorships, crafting a personal brand, starting a business online, and many more. We’ve been working hard on this for the last few weeks, and are very excited to finally share this on May 23, Thursday. Stay tuned for updates! #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro This beautifully preserved 19th century mansion was our home for a few nights in Istanbul. I loved the exploring the artsy Galata neighborhood with its antique shops, galleries and hip eateries and bars. @thestaygalata #theStay #Galata

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@thetravelpro Sunset at the Suleymaniye Mosque @oneistanbul #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro Finally home after a month of traveling! Sorry for the lack of updates as I’ve been quite busy with some projects and haven’t found enough time to look through all the content I’ve created in the past month. For the next few weeks I’ve decided to take a much-needed break from traveling. As much as I love adventuring, I always look forward to spending time at home and getting back to the things I miss while traveling, be it the comfort of my own bed, connecting with family and friends, working out, or simply having a routine to give some order to my days. I’ll be sharing a lot more content from my last few trips to Istanbul and Croatia so I hope you’ll stick around to see them! #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro Istanbul has the most magical sunsets, and they’re made even more amazing by its resident seagulls. We stumbled upon this block of rooftop cafes by Galata Bridge, and decided to wait for the sunset here, braving the cold with a few cups of coffee. Totally worth it when I flew the drone and the birds made a very welcome appearance. I hope you watch the video til the end to see them! @oneistanbul @turkishairlines #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro With @andredemello Music: Sunset Lover (Manatee Commune Remix) by @petitbiscuit

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@thetravelpro Falling in love all over again with Croatia as I explore Istria. This is one of Rovinj’s most beautiful spots, which we just happened to find while wandering its streets before sunset. What do you think of it? @shareistria #ShareIstria #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro Waking up is a lot easier when you get to enjoy this view for breakfast. @thestaygalata #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro A beautiful sunset over Galata Bridge. Can you spot Galata Tower in the distance? @oneistanbul #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro So happy to have stumbled upon this colorful street while looking for lunch in Karakoy! Istanbul has so many character-filled alleys and neighborhoods. I’d be happy to spend days just wandering and getting lost in its streets. @oneistanbul #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro @turkishairlines

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@thetravelpro Beautiful mornings by the Bosphorus. @inflowsummits #MyIstanbul

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@thetravelpro Throwback to these gorgeous blues #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro so happy to be back in Istanbul exploring my favorite spots and finding new ones. Yesterday we took a ferry to the Asian side and found ourselves in Kadikoy, a neighborhood with a very unique vibe. Check it out on Stories! Thanks to @oneistanbul for the amazing experience! @turkishairlines #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro You’ll always find me by the pool. @constancehotels #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro The Residences at @sixsenseszilpasyon have the most amazing space-age design blending with the Seychelles’ striking natural beauty. What movie does it remind you of? #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro The best way to get to really explore this beach is hopping on a clear kayak, and rowing from this spot to the farthest side of the island which you can’t reach any other way. You also get a chance to see reef sharks and sting rays from your glass-bottomed kayak. Big thanks to @crystalwaterkayaks for making this possible! #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPri

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@thetravelpro Kayaked to this beautiful island from @sixsenseszilpasyon, and we had it to ourselves (and the seagulls) for the whole afternoon. #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro When the sun finally comes out of hiding. Time to hit the beach! @rafflesseychelles #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro @raffleshotels

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@thetravelpro Some of my favorite moments from my stay at @constancehotels: breakfast on the rocks and sundowner at the 15th hole of their golf course. #constancehotels #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro Had such a great time exploring one of La Digue’s best beaches and playing in its massive waves. Grand Anse is a must visit when in this island. #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro #djiglobal

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@thetravelpro I always enjoy planning my travels, from researching which spots to check out and restaurants to try, to finding the best places to stay. I’m always also looking for ways to save when I travel, so I’m glad I found this innovative new app @holswap which let you swap your homes and holiday for just $ 1 a night. Which destination would you pick?

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@thetravelpro Love how everything is enveloped in vibrant nature at @constancehotels Lemuria. Even the design of their villas, pols, and restaurants take inspiration from it. I can’t wait to show you more of this beautiful resort! #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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@thetravelpro Jurassic World vibes in the Seychelles’ most visited beach. Woke up at 6AM and headed straight here, where all I had for company were the birds and the sound of the waves. Truly the best way to experience this beach is before the crowds come in. Play this with the sound on. 🎧😉 @visitseychelles #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro 🎼: 9.13 by @thegr8khalid

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@thetravelpro A pool to match the stars in the sky! Such a unique idea by @sixsenseszilpasyon. Might be copying this for my future pool. 😍 @sixsenseshotelsresortsspas #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro With @andredemello

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@thetravelpro Enjoying the view from @sixsenseszilpasyon’s amazing spa pool, built on top of Seychelles’ very unique rock formations, and with a commanding view of neighboring islands (including Coco Island, which I can’t wait to show you in my next videos). It’s already becoming my favorite Six Senses resort! #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro 🎼: Vertigo by @thegr8khalid

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@thetravelpro Found my favorite rock in La Digue. #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

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